Technical Description

Rated Capacity a) Drill Pipe Dia-mm.60 73 89
b) Minimum Hole Dia-mm 145 152 203
c) Depth-Meters 460 305 185
Casing Load-Kgs. 10,000Kgs. Using single sheave Travelling block Dead end at top
Construction Tubular steel, Electrically Welded
Height 11Mts. Above rotary table
Gross Load Capacity 15,000 Kgs.
Hook Load Capacity 10,000 Kgs. With single sheave Travelling Block
Raising and Lowering 2 Hydrualic Cylinder
Crown Block 4 Sheave Plus 1 Catline Sheave
Rotary Table
Type Spiral Bevel Gear Oil Bath lubrication
Opening 120mm
Retraction 525mm
Drive Drive through torque tube and disc type clutch
Kelly 73mm OR 85.72mm Dia, 7.3 Mts. Long, 3 Fluted round kelly
Pull Down (Optional)
Type Through 2 Nos . Roller Chain & Hydraulic Motar With reducer
Feed 7Mts.
Force 5000 Kgs.
Draw Works Barrel Dia. X Length Single line pull Bore drum
Hoisting Drum 178 mm X 216 mm 5000Kgs
Sand Reel 178 mm X 216 mm 5000Kgs
Clutch 356mm, 2Plates Mechanical Type
Breaks 420 mmX 100 mm Mechanical High Leverage Type
Drive By Chain
Trasmission Four/Five Speed Forword, One Speed Reverse.
Sub Drive Case Suitable for mouting automotive gear box & to obtain hydraulic pump drive
Hydraulics Pump fixed displacement vane type discharge & pressure 80lpm@ 70.3kg/cm2
Mud Pump
Model CBG-150
Stroke and Liner Size 150 mm X 140 mm
Disp.& Pressure/Drive 885LPM @17.79kg/cm2 / "V" Belts/Chain
Clutch Clow Clutch OR 203 mm, 3 Plates Mechanical
Levelling Jack 4 Mechanical Jack (optional hydraulic)
Lighting From truck Battery OR Dynamo , optional separate lighting genrator
Controls Conveniently located
Prime Mover Truck mounted version all components driven by same truck engine through PTO skid/trailor mounted version all components driven by 100hp desiel engine.
Mouting 4 X 2, 4 X 4, 6 X 4 Truck chasis Or Full / semi trailor mounted
Optional Available Hydraulic break out, welding generator, lower rotary speed for DTH drilling.
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